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Have a miserable lent

Written by Erika Walters
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“I hope you’re having a blessed, miserable Lent!

Yours in Christ,
Fr. ________”

A wonderful client of ours sent me this cheerful note this morning in the midst of giving us a very positive testimonial. :)
It got me thinking; while I don’t think we need to be genuinely miserable; we should be uncomfortable. Some of our younger kiddos choose Lenten penance along the lines of,


” I’ll give up…. pushing my brother.”  “Ok”, I say, “great honey… but we shouldn’t do that to begin with.  Why don’t you do one nice thing per day for your little brother AND not push him.”

I much like the children that give up complaining for Lent; that benefits them and me.  Two for the price of one.  But to be fair, that’s hard.  In fact, that is my Lent as well.  When the days get overworked and your stretched in many different directions… we don’t sometimes realize how our tone comes across to others or our complaining can tank someones mood.

So… here’s to you having a good Lent with positive Lenten sacrifice.


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