Agnus Dei is now offering Children's Mass Sets!

Watch for "homemade by the Walters," children's altar cloths and wooden crosses being added to select kits coming end March 2018


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  • Children's Mass Kit #3

  • Host_Kit
  • $10.00
  • Childrens Host Kit includes a set of 30 congregational hosts and 5 celebrant hosts along with a box for easy storage.
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  • Children's Mass Kit *REFILL PACK*
  • Refill Hosts
  • $4.00
  • Refill hosts for the Children's Mass Kits

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  • Children's Mass Kit #1

  • Children's Mass Kit #1
  • $40.00
  • Children's Mass Kit with brass ciborium

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  • Children's Mass Kit #2

  • Children's Mass Kit #2
  • $45.00
  • Children's Mass Kit with brass ciborium and lid

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  • Deluxe Children's Mass Kit
  • $85.00
  • Introducing our new item! The Deluxe Children's Mass Kit is perfect for all those little boys that want to play Mass.

    This set contains:

    -Ciborium with lid 2.5"

    -30 communion wafers

    -5 priest wafers

    -Red/Black communion wafers box

    -Two viles of german incense with two charcoal pieces

    -Small censer with peacock feather for fanning

    -Red storage box for incense and censor

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  • Saint Patrick's chasuble

  • Saint Patrick's chasuble
  • $45.00
  • This child's chasuble is made of durable, soft cotton in a beautiful green fabric.

    Machine double stitched with gold trim. Each piece has slight variations and gold trim pattern.

    Length is 29" and neck circumference is 16"

    Size: 6-10 year old

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