About Agnus Dei, LLC

We are sole importers and distributors of Agnus Dei Communion breads & incense. Both our incense and communion breads are imported from Bavaria, Germany; they are a new product to the USA market.

About our incense: Our incense is of the finest quality imported exclusively by Agnus Dei directly from Germany. The ingredients come from Arabia and Africa, picked at peak harvest and sent to our supplier in Germany where ingredients are combined to make an excellent incense; good smoke and good smell. We currently carry 18 varieties.

About our communion breads: Our breads are imported from Germany,there are no additives, or leavening agents in these breads. Each of our communion breads has a beautiful embossed design of liturgical significance. Including a Chi Rho, Alpha and Omega, Loaves and the Fish, and a Crucifix. They come in boxed sets of 500 count for the 1-1/4" and 1-3/8" breads and 30 count for the 2-5/8" (celebrant) breads. Additionally, because monstrances often require slightly smaller communion breads than the full celebrant sized breads. We therefore offer an additional smaller sized host at 2-3/8".

Jeff and Erika Walters

About the Walters Family

Owned by: Jeff and Erika Walters

Operated by: All 17 of us

Who we are: Our family are members of St. Mary’s Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Peoria, IL. We homeschool our 14 children and our oldest is now married with one baby of her own. All of us work together to grow our family business; quite the team effort!

What we do: We work together as a homeschooling family, run our very busy home and are proud to distribute this line. We all work together to "get the word out" about our family business. Any questions, Just call or email us…..

St. Michael the Archangel guide and protect us.