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Saturday, 06 August 2016 14:42

God has boundaries, just like us.

I have been reading an excellent book entitled, "Boundaries". The author states that God has boundaries as well. He will not be bullied into submission. Prayerfully we should petition to him our wants and then persevere with patience. He can have his "mind" changed if our case is strong enough. Spinning our wheels, and burning the midnight oil is all fruitless... work hard and then sit back and wait for God to answer our prayers. Never give up! Be persistant and patient with Him. Converse with Him as your best friend. Its ok to be frustrated. Just love Him and Praise Him regardless of his final answer.

As many of you know, Jeff and I have been putting much time and funds into growing our home business, Agnus Dei. We import german communion breads and incense. And while we spend, what time we can, on promoting it ....Jeff also works full time outside of the home. In addition, I homeschool and run our very busy household while our older children have jobs outside of the home as well. It can be very discouraging watching sales flatline in the summer months and seeing little progress being made. But I am always encouraged by the realization that God provides month after month for All our needs. God is good in all things and in all things God is good!
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