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Friday, 06 May 2016 00:19

Praise Him! Always

"You brought me this farSo why would I question You now
You have provided
So why would I start to doubt
I've never been stranded, abandoned
Or left here to fight alone
So I'm giving You control"

These are the words of one of my favorite songs, "Lift my Life up"

Days can be rough; but they can bear sweet fruit if we try to remember in the midst of struggle that THIS day God made.  Praise Him! Even if your van air conditioning breaks down, battery dies and transmission lines have a leak; JUST PRAISE HIM.

Even if ants come crawling out of the baseboards; JUST PRAISE HIM

EVEN if Donald Trump gets the nomination; JUST PRAISE HIM  :)

Because at the end of the day our children are happy, healthy and our marriage is probably better than most.  Thank you God for all the struggles because they bring me closer to you.  Because I would rather struggle here than in purgatory.

Why did it take me this long to understand?    He always protects us, watches over us and guides us. God is so good.

We know God leads our family well.  He leads Agnus Dei Communion breads & incense well.  We see all the fruits the work is bearing. 

Pray for us.... you are in our prayers.

Jeff, Erika and children


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