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Sun is shining, windows open, Jeff’s got first shift hours; hooray!  Awesome nephew and a friend of the family are updating the website to make it more maneuverable. Soon I will include incense descriptions on the main incense page so that clients don’t need to go to the online cart.

Order came in for communion breads, nice priest; long time existing client.  My dad has known him for years. Those are my favorite kind of orders; people that love the family and enjoy “shootin’ the breeze” on the telephone.  You really get to know who they are.  Offered him some free incense samples he can try for Easter.  He’s thrilled!  I’m happy that I made him happy.

Was fortunate this morning… I got to speak to a couple of newly ordained priests at two conservative US seminaries.  I love their enthusiasm in trying some incense gift packs that we sent them.  They get me excited to work with the incense and communion breads.  You can hear the dedication to the priesthood in their voices. I LOVE IT!

And on top of all that awesomeness……

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