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Recently a good friend suggested I read, "The Discernment of Spirits" by Timothy Gallagher.  Though I do not have amble time to read; I carve time out most evenings or during nap time.  

One particular chapter was very applicable; Spiritual Desolation: A Time for Resistance.  My understanding of Spiritual Desolation is an intense feeling that lasts either momentarily or at length and makes us feel our efforts to get closer to Christ no longer seem to be worth it or needed.  As though God isn't listening to us during our times of trial.  

One week before I had gotten to this chapter, she called me in what proved to be a very powerful conversation.  She felt strongly that our family was going through Spiritual Desolation.  She mentioned to me that during times of Spiritual Desolation we should make NO LIFE CHANGES and pray out loud to admonish the evil spirits and invite the Holy Spirit to takes its place. During moments of Spiritual Desolation, it would be very possible for the master deceiver to work within us.

Then she told me something I had never heard before!  THE DEVIL CANNOT HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS.  So, all those times that I pray a Hail Mary in my head to fight some temptation, he doesn't hear it.  Of course, Our Lord does.  I would much rather, as silly as it looks; say it out loud.  Rather like in the awesome christian movie, "War Room," where the wife walks around the house demanding the devil leave her home; it's not his to rule.

It's outstanding.... I had never heard this.  I hope I don't stand alone on this astonishing revelation.

I am now keenly aware of my feelings of desperation, sadness, depression, and hopelessness as a direct attack from the evil one. During these times, as difficult as it is, I acknowledge these feelings are not true and instead beg the Holy Spirit to relieve me of my desolation.  It always minimizes the anxiety I am feeling.

Consequently, I am also  aware of the moments of Spiritual Consolation.  Those times when unexplained peace comes into me.  When I feel a calm and presence; even in the midst of stress and uncertainty.  

I have been given a huge gift; a grace that I wanted to share with all of you.


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