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It’s so peaceful when the kids are sleeping

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Moms favorite time of day is when the kids are sleeping and………….. Yes, there is more.

When the kids are sleeping, I seek refuge in a quiet place with most typically a bible, Fulton Sheen book and a censer.  It is a necessary part of my evening.  Sometimes it doesn’t occur till 10 pm and only last 1/2 hour.  But that’s ok.


I never underestimate the calming and meditative properties of incense. It reminds me of the nativity when the Magi brought Frankincense and Myrrh.  The miracle of a child’s birth that would become our new beginning. The end of a tumultuous day, a respite.

Then God speaks to me…. in the quiet.  Or rather… then it is that I can hear him.

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